Scars of Old

Temple in Droaam
Emerald Claw

The heroes find themselves being forced into a cave on top of mountains. The local band of monsters forced them there and as the Jinx led the way up the mountain. She noticed that monsters were behind and she pressed the group further on.
At the cave Ahaz along with Gix noticed a strong arcane presence in the cave. Jinx alert also notices that this cave is the entrance to a temple like structure. The group determines that the temple structure is from Qbarra region and is out of place in the land of Droaam. As the heroes move into the cave they hear voices up ahead and move into investigate.

Khyber's Harvest

Gix the Dragonborn Artificer
Ahaz the Tiefling Warlock
Jinx the Changling Ranger(who appears as an Elf)

Are sent out by There Dragonmark House to investigate a fellow member’s who is missing in action.
Noteworthy Items
The 3 become entangled in the Draconic prophecies as it relates to them. The three heroes find ancient artifacts of power.

After the completion of the mission and the report given to Captain Mina of the Weatherlight, the heroes are abandoned by skyship in Droaam. The 3 stand accused of a theft of dragonshard from the region.

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